Running Man Headlines: Lovesick giraffe, Pizza, and a Penguin in love

Now I want pizza. Read on to find out what made me so hungry!

RM Ep 148

Ratings: Episode 148

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 15.9

2. SBS Running Man 13.7

3. MBC Real Man 12.2


No, I have not suddenly become a pirate. I am just bemoaning the fact RM was overtaken by Dad, where are we going in the ratings game. How did this happen, you ask, as the shows do not air at the same time? Never fear, I did some research- because I wondered the same thing the moment these adorable kids threatened to overtake RM.

Apparently Sunday night variety show ratings are compiled based on the aggregate viewership for the block of programming aired by the network- most Sunday night programming blocks have several shows. For example, Running Man is the second show in SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. Barefoot Friends kicks off the programming segment at 4:55 p.m. while Running Man airs at 6:10. MBC’s Sunday Night begins with Dad where are going at 5:00 and follows up with the army variety show Real Men at 6:35. So in aggregate Barefoot Friends and Running Man are lagging behind MBC’s newly invigorated Sunday night variety lineup.

I love DWAWG but I love Running Man more. And when I read article after article about RM and 1N2D falling further behind the “new concept” varieties in ratings I get nervous. Because I would hate to see this style of variety shows go down as a used up concept (not that I think RM is ending anytime soon, but still, I feel that this concept works extremely well and is very entertaining as an ongoing premise).

Next Week on Running Man…

Episode 149 takes on the legend of the Gumiho, the nine tailed fox creature from Korean folklore, times five guests. Kwon Ri Sae (actress), Park So Hyun (actress), Kim Su Mi (legendary film actress), Song Eun Ee (actress) and Kim Suk (actress and comedian) guest star in what promises to be a hilarious jaunt through tall tales (or is that tails). Check out preview pictures and a clip below:

149 BTS 5

149 BTS 2

149 BTS 1

Now on to the headlines! Cheers!

Ji Hyo Pizza 2

Miss Mong treats entire staff of Running Man to pizza

It was recently revealed that Song Ji Hyo bought pizza for the entire staff of Running Man. During a break in filming episode 147 (Flower Boy Athletic Challenge) Ji Hyo ordered enough pie to fill the hungry mouths of the crew- all as a thank you for their hard work (the staff consists of approximately 200 people). The pizza was purchased from Mr. Pizza, a brand that Ji Hyo is currently endorsing. If you have not already watched it, check out Ace’s off key super endearing singing in the CF below:


Giraffe’s need love too

Prepare yourselves- Lee Kwang Soo is making an appearance on Dating Agency: Cyrano. Mark your calendars for June 11th when Running Man’s Maknae takes a turn as a lovesick chef on the popular tvN drama. The object of LKS’s desire is played by Goo Eun Ae (Love Rain). Kwang Soo’s character is billed as a man clumsy in love- all I can say is I cannot wait…because I think they cast this role perfectly. The giraffe joins the growing ranks of guest stars on Cyrano (a rom-com about an elaborately complex dating agency); a list that includes SHINee’s Taemin, Jee Jin hee, and Lee Yoon Ji.


A Penguin in Love

On May 30th Haha tweeted a picture of his wife with the caption:

“Honestly speaking, she’s adorable isn’t she? What a beautiful evening.” 

Awwww! Byul followed up on June 4th with a tweet regarding a very special sneak peek. Haha and Byul finally glimpsed their child’s face (Byul is seven months pregnant):

Our Dream was so shy that he covered his face the entire time with his hand and feet… But he finally showed us his face a little.. Very little. I wanted to show off because he was so cute, but I should protect his privacy, right? Hehe. I’ll be patient. Please pray for us!

Seriously, you two make me, um, smile. Congrats!

Parting Thoughts

Episode 149 I think I already love you!

149 BTS 3

149 BTS 4

8 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Lovesick giraffe, Pizza, and a Penguin in love

  1. if that female chef doesn’t go out with kwang soo then I will,lol
    have you been seeing Dating Agency: Cyrano? i’m getting kinda curious to watch it but i’m still not 100% sure.

    • She would be crazy not to go out with Kwang Soo! If I were not married I would be right behind you in line to comfort the RM maknae. Lol 🙂
      I have been watching Dating Agency: Cyrano. I like it so far. It has a fun, poppy, noire vibe to it. While it is not my current drama crack I have no plans to give up on it anytime soon (I need some light hearted drama after JOJ). I would urge you to give it a try 🙂

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