Running Man Headlines: Eviction, Reading, and Photobombs

I had a St Agnes and the Burning Train kind of week. So you know what I am going to do to shake off the past seven days? Watch Running Man of course! And post some headlines…cheers!

RM Ep 146

Ratings Episode 146

1. SBS Running Man 14.5

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 14.5

3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.1

My worst fears have almost been realized; the adorable kids of Dad,Where are We Going have tied with RM in the ratings and threaten to take the top spot. If I could only hate those adorable, cute, what will they say next kids I would feel a lot better about things. But I can’t! But I love Running Man. Aish! I will just make a pouty face instead. And swear my allegiance to RM. Fighting!

Next Week on Running Man…

The flower boys of the soon to be released film Secretly, Greatly join our cast for a flower boy athletic challenge. Kim Soo hyun and Lee Hyun woo will appear alongside our resident flower boy Lee Kwang Soo (sorry…St Agnes and the Burning Train just started playing. Waiting…waiting…okay it is done). Check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines…

Kwang Soo reads

Kwang Soo Reads

Can you spot the giraffe? Did I make it that obvious? Sorry, can’t help it. I felt like playing script reading tic-tac-toe. No offense other cast members.

Lee Kwang Soo has been cast in the new MBC drama Goddess of Fire Jeongi. The first script reading was held this week. The drama is a saguek that focuses on the first female potter in Joseon. Lee Kwang Soo will play the role of Prince Imhae. Based on his time as a King on Running Man I cannot wait for his turn as what I assume is a serious role as a royal. Goddess of Fire Jeongi premiers in July following the conclusion of Gu Family Book.

Little grasshopper

Little Grasshopper

Have you ever wondered what the nation’s MC looked like as a kid? Hint: a lot like he looks now. On the May 23rd broadcast of Happy Together (Yoo Jae Suk’s KBS talk show) the MC revealed a photo from his elementary school days. The cast of the show remarked that YJS was a cute kid and that his son, Ji Ho, is the spitting image of his dad. During the broadcast YJS also revealed that he never graduated from college after winning a Comedy contest, remarking:

“”I wasn′t that busy, and I didn′t have that much work. I could′ve still attended my classes but I don′t know what I was thinking back then.”


LeeSsang Clears Up the Rumors

On May 21st the The People’s Coalition for Land Justice informed the press that LeeSsang (the hip hop group made up of Kang Gary and Gil) had evicted a business from a building they own without prior notice. Gil took to his twitter account to clarify the situation:

“I wish to tell everyone in earnest what exactly happened…The building became LeeSsang′s in May 2012, and we decided to enter the building in August. Suddenly, around June, a man who had been renting a space appeared at our home and told my mother, who had been alone, that he would not be leaving the building. My mother was very surprised at the sudden visit and so were we…Through a representative, we told the man that we would not extend his contract with the building once his first contract expires, and attempted to decide on proper compensation out of responsibility. The renter, however, demanded 300 million won, and our representative told him that was too much. The renter went on to say, like he was aiming to ruin our image, that he would ′put up a placard or something′..”If we had been abusing our power, our actions would have come to light in court. He is not eligible for renter protection under the law. What could we have done? Now we′ve become greedy people based on the renter′s claims.”he would ′continue to run [the restaurant]′ as he would not leave no matter what. How do you think we would have been able to meet peacefully in such an emotional situation?…We′re not thinking of bringing charges of slander or defamation against him. We just wanted to let more people know of the truth because many facts have been twisted around”

LeeSsang Company owns two restaurants in addition to the building that is the focus of the eviction claim. Here is hoping that everything is resolved soon.

Yoo Jae Suk

Yoomes Ambassador

In honor of Visit Korea Year a poll was conducted asking netizens to vote for Korea’s most personable ambassador. The criterion was based on the person’s greeting, smile, and concern for others. It is no surprise that Yoo Jae Suk took the top spot, after all he is well known for his friendly and accommodating persona. Coming in second was Super Junior (based on their recent super hero antics I would love to meet them at an airport). In third was everyone’s favorite puppy Lee Sueng Gi. Congrats Grasshopper!

Giraffe 2

Giraffe 3

Can You Spot the Giraffe: Part 2

Can you? I swear I am not circling anything this time. Because it is freaking hilarious as is. On May 20th Haha took to his twitter to post a one word message in tandem with some pics of himself and his wife: “Giraffe”. One word says it all.

I love this photo bomb almost as much as the giraffe’s appearance in Haha and Byul’s wedding photo shoot:

Kwang Soo Photo Bomb wedding

Parting Thoughts (because it still makes me laugh)

From the variety hit X-man, featuring Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, and Kim Jong Kook.


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