The Parents: Korean Drama Edition

Mothers Day, Father’s day, Parents day. Call it Lore in Stone Cities almost forgot and had to run to the store day. Okay, so I am bad with holidays. Far from the real world in that place (ahem drama land) where amnesia, love triangles, and fate dominate the landscape such holidays are often not celebrated. After all most parents in this realm are dead, missing, in jail, or evil. Every now and then we run into a parent(s) that is on good terms with their child and living and breathing. In honor of the Korean drama parents that exist let’s count down the best of the best in drama land as stored in Lore in Stone Cities recent memory. Cheers!


Sung Dong-il & Lee Il-hwa (Answer Me 1997, 2012)

This pair was tasked with parenting a high spirited ultra fan, Sung Shi won, all while balancing the visual presentation of the cool parents to her equally volatile friends. From 1997 to 2012 this couple brought nagging, their own brand of hip, their own hurtles, and a version of relativity to their child’s back and forth life. From illness to just plain surviving this duo was an awesome partnership. I loved what they represented- a stability in the face of the difficult voyage from adolescence to adulthood, all while never understanding the posters on their daughter’s wall (at least in Dad’s case). I heart you Tony’s Wife’s Mom and Dad.

Note: Word is that this duo is being scouted to play the parents in Answer Me’s second season. I say the faster they are cast the better- I have no doubt they will be just as awesome in the second season as they were in the first.

King of Dramas Mom

Park Kang-ja (King of Dramas, 2012)

When my Mom tells me she ran into an old friend at the grocery store I am left smiling- because she will inevitably tell me the said friend asked about me and my siblings (just as my Mom asked after her friend’s children, must be a regional super market rule).  Mom will then launch into a rendition of what she told her friend- which is praise for my current life trajectory. There is something awesome about your mom being your number one fan that transcends bragging rights; after all it is nice to know you are making your parents proud (at least for me). Pride is something the Mom in King of Dramas portrays with aplomb. From ensuring her daughters drama was always playing in her café to safeguarding her daughter’s future in the way she knew how this mother was a pillar of support. Apart from playing the role of cheerleader this Mom also was not afraid to keep it momma bear real and look out for her daughter- something I also love about my own Mother.

Dear old dad
Just Call Me Dad (Flower Boy Raymun Shop, 2011 & Secret Garden, 2010)

Okay, I know that these two characters kind of do not count as they are deceased for a large part of their respective drama’s broadcast but I still have to give props to both Dads; after all they were what drove their daughters towards happiness (and are ironically portrayed by the same actor: Jung In gi). The father in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop passed on and therefore handed his store over to his daughter and a motley band of misfits that formed one of my favorite assembled families in drama land. The dad in Secret Garden played into the life of his daughter in a most unexpected and tragic way- but never fear his involvement is what brought his child to the man she loves. Awwww. Good job Dads- but why did you have to die!

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