Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 7

In the words of my beloved Soo—“ Oraeganmanimnida! (It’s been a while)” Extrakun is back with all your Heartless City needs!

 Doctor’s Son is scrambling to get footage of Soo visiting the prison erased. Thinker cop discovered the footage and will use it to find out who tried to have Emo killed, in hopes to get closer to finding Doctor’s Son.


Doctor confronts Soo about trying to kill Emo and asks him not to do it again. Soo says, “Fine. But she started this first. How do you think Safari knew to come to the hotel?” Excellent question Soo—he has found out that Safari Moon and Emo use to run in the same circles (Doctor too for that matter).


Doctor convinces Soo that is wasn’t all Emo’s fault; Nang Mahn Ahjussi is trying to play two against the middle. Doctor, I feel bad because I know you are trying to keep peace, catch Safari Moon, and roll to live the rest of your life. However, this web is quite involved and will not be untangled without some bloodshed, perhaps even your own. Soo reluctantly agrees to leave Emo be…


Speaking of which, Emo and Soo Min are sharing a meal together to get to know each other. Soo Min is working hard to get into Emo’s inner circle—it is slowly but surely working (because Emo is stupid). The most annoying thing about this scene is when they parted ways; Emo calls Doctor’s Son her lover! Ahjumma! You’z a lie (hood dialect)!


As soon as Soo Min gets to her residence, she finds Hyung Min sitting in the house. This man doesn’t say hello, how are you, dog, cat, nothing! First thing out of his mouth, “Tell me what happened with Lee Jin Sook (Emo’s government).” Soo Min gives him an ear full when she figures that all he sees her as is a criminal! And thinker cop, I wasn’t mad at her… She is your only “solid” link into the underworld—you should treat her with more respect.


As Doctor meets up with Emo, he ponders on the things said by Soo earlier in the day. Doctor asks Emo to leave the drug game once again. I hate that Emo doesn’t see Doctor as Shi Hyun— the kid you raised,  who wants the best for you; but she sees him as not only a potential bedmate, but an incompetent “child” who still “needs” her.


Doctor explains to Emo that Safari used her and Nang Mahn Ahjussi to get to him. He tells her to cut all communication with Safari because his objective is to see them both dead.  Silly Emo is, silly Emo does; she takes it as she is holding Doctor back and tells him she will do as she pleases when she pleases. My money is on her being the reason Doctor and/ or Soo being dead at the end of the show (you know this is one of those shows where the majority of people will end up dead at the end right?).


Safari is summoned by Pusan to come for a visit… They apparently have a lot of things to discuss. Safari looks scared—as he should for killing Deputy Commissioner Kang and not killing Doctor’s Son.


Thinker cop with his special unit and Emo (not together) are all trying to find out who attempted to kill Emo… We already know it was Soo (just in case some of you forgot). Thinker cop went to Director Min to see if he knew who was on the video recording. Of course Director knows it is Soo, but he has to play “amnesia” to not blow Shi Hyun’s cover.


Director Min meets with Shi Hyun to ask who tried to kill Emo (I promise she got kryptonite in her Pu—Purse…). Shi Hyun reminds Min that his job is to catch Pusan and Safari Moon. Min reminds Shi Hyun that Soo is just a catalyst to catch Pusan and Safari Moon… He is one of the “bad guys” (and Extrakun will stand by him until the end!). He also warns him that Thinker cop will go and visit Scale to get information about Soo.


Scale tells thinker cop all about Soo… Doctor’s right hand. Thinker cop seems reluctant to believe his story, but takes the information.


Soo Min goes to Emo looking for a “job”… Emo, you told her no, but I know you a trifling hussy with a plan for this new “little sister”. Eventually, she agrees to let Soo Min start working for her.


To add to the list of women I roll my eyes at, we add Reporter Cha. She is smart and is good at her job, but she is classless and shameless. While she offers thinker cop vital information for his investigation, she gets drunk and flirts like a ding bat— upsetting.


Doctor has to make a “house call” to some “patients” getting out of hand…


Soo Min runs into Doctor as he gets supplies to treat his wounds. Honestly, she is too chipper and too forward with a person she saw for half a second (but he is a hot ahjussi… Sssoooo….). She convinces him to give her a ride (what the hell?!) and gets his number and give him hers. If only she knew this ahjussi was the very person she wants to catch… would those panties still drop so quickly Soo Min?


Emo makes an appointment to meet up with Hyung Min (thinker cop) to discuss who could’ve possibly killed her. He shows her the video and she knows it is Soo and lies. Thinker cop knows it’s a lie and confronts her on it. She evades the obvious and says she has a treat for him… Of course it is Soo Min! It was Emo’s plan all along to plant her like she did Hye Soo with Soo.


Doctor pays Emo a visit to ask her to stop what she is up to with thinker cop. She tells Doctor that she knows Soo tried to kill her. Doctor says, “I know Hye Soo, the woman Soo loved, was one of your girls. It was you who put Hye Soo with Soo. And it was you who told Safari Soo’s weakness. Please let’s stop this here.”


Dumb ass Emo is stunned that Doctor knows Soo tried to kill her and is upset that he tried to hide it. Doctor promises that Soo will not do anything like that again so let it drop. Emo tells Doctor not to bring up Soo promises in her face! He responds with, “Noona started this fight so you should end it!”


Then this ho (literally, that is her trade) response with, “You know what? Soo… was found out by Ji Hyung Min. If you leave Soo like that, it will be dangerous for you.” What the hell Emo!? And you acting recklessly every time he blinks is not putting him danger?! You will be the reason these two men (Soo and Shi Hyun) are killed! Not to mention that Thinker cop already knows Doctor is your backing—I just spit in her face!

Favorite quote of the episode goes to my boo Soo, “Why don’t you workout? People like us need to workout— Actually, I only workout so I can drink.” Though the science doesn’t really add up Soo, I think it’s hilarious and a common misconception. Until next time!



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