Running Man Episode Guide- Now in Color!

That’s right- Lore in Stone Cities Running Man Episode Guide has entered into the technologically advanced age of the 1930s! Now featuring color photographs! While I am sure you are amazed please do not feel so overwhelmed that you have to take a break from reading- after all the amazing color photographs I just mentioned are present in the post below! Wow!

I have added pics, air dates, and more info to the guide and will be updating the page. For now let’s look at it in a post- a post of amazing futuristic technology that was showcased at the world’s fair!


RM Ep 1


World Meet Running Man

Guest Starring: Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Hyo Ri

Times Square, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/11/2010

Filming Date 6/25/2010

Rating ****


World meets RM. World sends fruit basket and heart felt thank you note to RM PDs.

RM Ep 2


Stadium Challenge 1

Guest Starring: Goo Ha-Ra, Lee Chun-Hee, Song Ji Hyo

Suwon World Cup Stadium

Broadcast Date 7/18/2010

Filming Date 7/5/2010

Rating ***


A taste for the larger than life locations that RM is known for.

RM Ep 3


Stadium Challenge 2

Guest Starring: Goo Ha-Ra, Lee Chun-Hee, Song Ji Hyo

Suwon World Cup Stadium

Broadcast Date 7/25/2010

Filming Date 7/5/2010

Rating ***


The diving portions are not to be missed. This was the first challenge that had me thinking- wow, are they really going to do that?!

RM Ep 4


Science Museum 1

Guest Starring: Jessica, Nichkhun, Song Ji Hyo

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 8/1/2010

Filming Date 7/18/2010

Rating **


Mediocre. The earlier episodes of RM can be hit and miss- the cast has not yet found their chemistry and the games can be spastic in the entertainment department.

RM Ep 5


Science Museum 2

Guest Starring: Jessica, Nichkhun, Song Ji Hyo

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 8/8/2010

Filming Date 7/18/2010

Rating **


See episode 4.

RM Ep 6


Adult Vs. Child Team

Guest Starring: Kim Shin Young, Se7en, Song Dam Bi

N Seoul Tower

Broadcast Date 8/15/2010

Filming Date 8/2/2010

Rating **


Watch this for great Yooruce Willis moments. Oh, and for Se7en.

RM Ep 7


Theater Antics

Guest Starring: Ham Eun-Heong, Jo Kwon, Jung Yong Hwa

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

Broadcast Date 8/22/2010

Filming Date 8/9/2010

Rating ***


Jo Kwon and Gary’s dances are not to be missed.Yong Hwa first appears on this episode (currently the most recurring guest in RM history).

RM Ep 8


History Special- Plus Old Clips Of The Cast

Guest Starring: Lee Joon, Park Jun Gyu, Victoria

Seoul Museum of History,

Gyeonghui Palace

Broadcast Date 8/29/2010

Filming Date 8/16/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary reveals his crush


Must see. The cast is forced to watch clips from their early years in the entertainment industry. By far Yoo Jae Suk’s is the funniest…and most disturbing. Also the episode where we learn that Gary feels no pain (unless Ji Hyo rejects him that is).

RM Ep 9


Amusement Park Madness

Guest Starring: Lee Hong Ki, Kim Soo Ro, Shin Bong Sun

Lotte World

Broadcast Date 9/5/2010

Filming Date 8/22/2010

Rating ***


Shin Bong Sun and all of her obsession with KJK steals this episode for me. Remember KJK- She would even buy you a gym! The roller coaster karaoke game is so funny I watched it twice. And then I had nightmares it happened to me (shudders).

RM Ep 10


Art Is Fun!

Guest Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Se Ah

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Broadcast Date 9/12/2010

Filming Date 8/30/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary offers to take Ji Hyo’s punishment- first couple time.


Not the best episode ever created but any time an art museum is involved I think variety shows an get a little dicey.

RM Ep 11


Post Office Madness

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Je Dong

Seoul Central Post Office

Broadcast Date 9/19/2010

Filming Date 9/6/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: JI Hyo inks Gary’s face


Packing box jenga. Nuff said.

RM Ep 12 


Seoul Design Fair- Happy Birthday Joong Ki

Guest Starring: No Guests

Seoul Design Fair

Broadcast Date 9/26/2010

Filming Date 9/19/2010

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary goes easy on Ji Hyo


Joong Ki’s birthday could not save this episode. It was pretty ho hum.

RM Ep 13


SBS Is Better To Run In

Guest Starring: Jang Dong Min, Lizzy

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 10/3/2010

Filming Date 9/20/2010

Rating ***


Funny and well thought out run through SBS.

RM Ep 14


Fun At The Safety Experience Center

Guest Starring: Lizzy

Boramae Safety Experience Center

Broadcast Date 10/17/2010

Filming Date 9/27/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: First use of term Monday Couple


This is one of my favorite episodes. Not because it was terribly clever or different but because it embodies the early days of Running Man perfectly. The cast was finding their chemistry/characters and episode 14 gets both of these elements righ

RM Ep 15


Subway Sweetness

Guest Starring: Kim Kwang Kyu, Tony Ahn

Seoul Metro Subway Yard

Broadcast Date 10/24/2010

Filming Date 10/4/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is able to raise Ji Hyo’s heartbeat


I liked this but I felt sorry for Song Ji Hyo in the x vs. x game. Awkward. Really awkward.

RM Ep 16


Let’s Go Shopping- But Watch What You Eat

Guest Starring: Yuri

Park Mall

Broadcast Date 10/31/2010

Filming Date 10/11/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo acknowledges Gary as Monday Boyfriend


Yuri bursts into tears after the x vs. x game. Ouch!

RM Ep 17


University Special

Guest Starring: Jong Yong Hwa

Hanyang Women’s University

Broadcast Date 11/7/2010

Filming Date 10/25/2010

Rating **


So so. Hide and seek game was exciting, other challenges fell flat.

RM Ep 18


Love Boat

Guest Starring: No Guests

Busan International Cruise Ship

Broadcast Date 11/21/2010

Filming Date 11/13/2010

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo reenact Titanic


KJK dressed as a pirate, Monday couple titanic reenactment, the first use of Sumdwa, and the birth of Yoo Hyuk Dance Club President this episode is an all around RM treasure.

RM Ep 19


Kim Jong Kook (and Ha-ha?) Vs. The World

Guest Starring: Nichkhun

Namsangol Hanok Village

Broadcast Date 11/28/2010

Filming Date 11/8/2010

Rating **


Ha-ha vs. everyone else in a quiz challenge is funny (and perfectly showcases Haroro’s child like tendencies). Final hide and seek was a let down.

RM Ep 20


Fun With Weather

Guest Starring: Kim Heechul

Korea Meteorological Administration

Broadcast Date 12/5/2010

Filming Date 11/22/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo admits Gary is good looking


This episode was all over the place, sometimes in a good way and other times in a bad way. The lie detector bits were hilarious (given the casts knowledge of eachothers past).

RM Ep 21


Train Challenge

Guest Starring: Kim Je Dong

Gwangmyeong Station

Broadcast Date 12/12/2010

Filming Date 11/29/2010

Rating ***


A multi location episode, the suspense is evident as the cast partakes in their first run all over the place mission.

RM Ep 22


Christmas Special

Guest Starring: Choi Si Won, Kim Min Jong

Lotte Mart

Broadcast Date 12/19/2010

Filming Date 12/6/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Monday couple Christmas shopping


Shopping challenge was fun and light hearted.

RM Ep 23


Ski Vacation Special

Guest Starring: Shim Hyung Rae

Alpensia Ski Resort

Broadcast Date 12/26/2010

Filming Date 12/13/2010

Rating **


Gags are the name of this game. Unfortunately this game gets boring fast.

RM Ep 24


Apartment Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Kyung Shil, Song Eun Ee

Xi Wi City

Broadcast Date 1/2/2011

Filming Date 12/20/2010

Rating **


Episode 24 followed its predecessor in the mediocre department. Disappointing.

RM Ep 25


Manhwa Special

Guest Starring: Park Bo Young

Museum Comics Information Center

Broadcast Date 1/9/2011

Filming Date 12/27/2010

Rating ****


Loved the costumes. Bo Young proved that she has variety skills (enough that should they ever add a second female cast member she has my vote).

RM Ep 26


Shopping Mall Foreign Music Special

Guest Starring: Jung Jin Young, Lee Moon Sik

Nakwon Instruments Shopping Center

Broadcast Date 1/16/2011

Filming Date 1/3/2011

Rating ***


The final debate challenge was annoying. The find the guest mission (the first on RM) was entertaining largely due to the cast’s reaction and the new concept.

RM Ep 27


Seoul Arts Center- Tvxq

Guest Starring: Max, Chang-Min, U Know

Seoul Arts Center

Broadcast Date 1/23/2011

Filming Date 1/10/2011

Rating ***


Games are laugh out loud, second find the guest mission does not disappoint.

RM Ep 28


Nature At The Ansung Natural Resort

Guest Starring: Kim Byung Man

Ansung Natural Resort

Broadcast Date 1/30/2011

Filming Date 1/17/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo meal time PDA- Ji Hyo Dance Special


Best Running Man Dance number. Ever.

RM Ep 29


New Years Special

Guest Starring: No Guests

COEX Aquarium

Broadcast Date 2/6/2011

Filming Date 1/24/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary fills out his profile- goal is to become Ji Hyo’s boyfriend


This episode wastes a lot of time with pointless challenges. Despite that fact the last one chance mission did showcase the cast’s amazing teamwork, and variety skills.

RM Ep 30


Korean Traditional Arts Special

Guest Starring: Seung Ri

The National Center for Korean

Traditional Performing Arts

Broadcast Date 2/13/2011

Filming Date 1/31/2011

Rating ***


Sorry- still looking at the above pic and laughing.

RM Ep 31


Water Park Extravaganza

Guest Starring: Hyun Young

Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park

Broadcast Date 2/20/2011

Filming Date 2/9/2011

Rating ****


Maknae FD, a water park, and water karaoke. Throw in a cowardly Ha-Ha and a one chance mission from hell and you have RM gold.

RM Ep 32


Office Olympics

Guest Starring: Kim Kwang Kyu, Tony Ahn

Woongjin Think Big Office

Broadcast Date 2/27/2011

Filming Date 2/14/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Valentines day date


So so. If not for the Monday couple moments I would have given it two stars.

RM Ep 33


Vacation Olympics

Guest Starring: Oh Ji Ho

Incheon International Airport

Broadcast Date 3/6/2011

Filming Date 2/21/2011

Rating ***


Chase was well executed, the episode was hilarious.

RM Ep 34


I Miss You Friend

Guest Starring: Park Jun Gyu, Uee

Hongdae Area

Broadcast Date 3/13/2011

Filming Date 2/28/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Hongdae Date


Best 1 vs. x ever. I felt bad for Uee but was too busy laughing at the ridiculous cast of “friends” that my empathy was fleeting.

RM Ep 35


Camping Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, Jung Yong Hwa

Nanji Camp

Broadcast Date 3/20/2011

Filming Date 3/7/2011

Rating **


I enjoyed the premise but this episode was too long in the execution.

RM Ep 36


Camping Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, Jung Yong Hwa

Nanji Camp

Broadcast Date 3/27/2011

Filming Date 3/14/2011

Rating ****


I liked this episode better than the first portion of the camping special. Also, I now know the ultimate flavoring for any dish. Thanks Running Man!

RM Ep 37


Park Ye Jin Special- Who Is The Better Salesman?

Guest Starring: Park Ye Jin


Broadcast Date 4/3/2011

Filming Date 3/21/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Parody of Secret Garden


The fan signing event was hilarious. Park Ye Jin proved she has variety skills.

RM Ep 38


Physical Examination Challenge

Guest Starring: No Guests

Seoul Medical Center

Broadcast Date 4/10/2011

Filming Date 3/28/2011

Rating *


The episode where Jae Suk honed his water gun mastery skills (and had his pants pulled down in RMs infamous scandal). This was the only episode where I thought the cast went a little too far…the insults were, I hate to say it, insulting and not always in a funny way. Besides the last bully like challenge the episode was fun. Unfortunately there is the large black hole at the end that keeps me hoping that we never enter that territory again – just my opinion. While I do not blame the cast  I think this challenge was a little too mean for variety. Lesson learned.

RM Ep 39


Late Night Snacks

Guest Starring: Sunny, Yoona

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Broadcast Date 4/17/2011

Filming Date 4/4/2011

Rating ***


Paranoia is the word of the day as the RM cast reels from last episodes introduction of the spy concept. Funny first mission as the cast is chased by SNSD, all while suspecting each other. Running Man PDs, pat yourselves on the back.

RM Ep 40


France And An Orchestra Special

Guest Starring: Nichkhun, Taecyeon

Petite France

Broadcast Date 4/24/2011

Filming Date 4/11/2011

Rating ***


Jail never looked so fun. And French songs never sounded so bad. All around a good episode, the cast and their hi-jinks make it.

RM Ep 41


Ransacking Ha-Ha’s Apartment & Song Joong Ki Bids Farewell

Guest Starring: Lee Sun Gyun, Park Joong Hoon

National Digital Library of Korea

Broadcast Date 5/1/2011

Filming Date 4/18/2011

Rating ****


A look inside Ha-Ha’s apartment, if it was being raided by repo men. Haha’s disbelief, annoyance, and dramatic outbursts make this episode. This is the last episode where Joong Ki is a cast member. His farewell, full of heartfelt words, is a tearjerker. Prepare the kleenex before you watch this episode.

RM Ep 42


Running Man Championships Part 1

Guest Starring: No Guests

SBS Production Center

Broadcast Date 5/8/2011

Filming Date 4/25/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary saves Ji Hyo from Kookie


The first episode that attempted to answer “Who is the greatest Running Man of them all?”. The answer will surprise you. Very funny episode.

RM Ep 43


Epic Road Race

Guest Starring: Iu, Shin Bong Sun

Daegu Stadium

Broadcast Date 5/15/2011

Filming Date 5/2/2011

Rating ***


Rest stop soda challenge is a riot.

RM Ep 44


Office Get Together Challenge

Guest Starring: Jang Hyuk

Cheil Worldwide Building

Broadcast Date 5/22/2011

Filming Date 5/9/2011

Rating **


Who can throw the best employee get together? The cast goes all out with this challenge, trying to attract as many employees to their individual get together location. Love the energy of this episode.

RM Ep 45


Office Carpool Race

Guest Starring: Jang Hyuk

Cheil Worldwide Building

Broadcast Date 5/29/2011

Filming Date 5/10/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo have a fashion model face off


Funny race to pick each cast member up and get to work. Great chemistry, funny challenge.

RM Ep 46


Employee Vote- Who Is The Running Man That Will Win?

Guest Starring: Kim Hyun Joong

Kyobo Book Center

Broadcast Date 6/5/2011

Filming Date 5/23/2011

Rating **


The employees of the book center are asked to vote for the cast member they think will win. Hilarity ensues as the RM see their ballot boxes and reflect on the voter confidence.

RM Ep 47


Go To Work / Office Survival

Guest Starring: Kim Hyun Joong

Kyobo Book Center

Broadcast Date 6/12/2011

Filming Date 5/24/2011

Rating ***


Suspenseful, well executed.

RM Ep 48


Royal Treasure Race

Guest Starring: No Guests

National Museum of Korea

Broadcast Date 6/19/2011

Filming Date 6/6/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Kang Gary with all of his antics have nothing on a blind folded Ji Hyo


I love the first three challenges, the cast knows something is not right and their uneasiness is hilarious.

RM Ep 49


Queen Bee Race

Guest Starring: Noh Sa Yeon, Goo Ha Ra

Dream Forest, Seoul

Broadcast Date 6/26/2011

Filming Date 6/7/2011

Rating ****


Poor Gary. Poor Jae Suk.

RM Ep 50


Bangkok, Thailand Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Kim Min Jung, Nichkhun

Bangkok, Thailand

Broadcast Date 7/3/2011

Filming Date 6/19/2011

Rating *****


RM goes international with a trip to Bangkok. The fans reactions are not to be missed. Love this episode.

RM Ep 51


Bangkok, Thailand Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Kim Min Jung, Nichkhun

Pattaya, Thailand

Broadcast Date 7/10/2011

Filming Date 6/20/2011

Rating ****


The Thailand fun continues.

RM Ep 52


Locate The Golden Crowns

Guest Starring: Choi In Soo, Yoon So Yi

Gyeongju World

Broadcast Date 7/17/2011

Filming Date 7/4/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo spend a lot of time together


The first time I glimpsed the scariest man in the world, Choi in Soo.

RM Ep 53


Water Park Fun

Guest Starring: Choi In Soo, Yoon So Yi

Blue One Resort

Broadcast Date 7/24/2011

Filming Date 7/5/2011

Rating ***


Choi In Soo at a water park. How cute! Never mind, he is still scary.

RM Ep 54


Protect The Boss Special

Guest Starring: Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung

63 Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/31/2011

Filming Date 7/18/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo puts sun screen on Gary


Ho hum. Fun guests, fun interactions but nothing spectacularly clever.

RM Ep 55


Two Is Better Than One- Partners Race

Guest Starring: Ji Yeon, Luna, Sulli, Suzy

Wootdali Culture Village,

Gyeonggi Do

Broadcast Date 8/7/2011

Filming Date 8/1/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo and Gary form a team for the first missions


Couples race with idols. The boys could not be happier (even Gary, he gets partnered with Ji Hyo).

RM Ep 56


Don’t Drink The Flower Tea- Partners Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Ahn Mun Sook, Kim Sook, Shin Bong Sun, Jung Ah

Wootdali Culture Village,

Gyeonggi Do

Broadcast Date 8/14/2011

Filming Date 8/2/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


One of my all time favorites. Beyond clever, freaking hilarious.

RM Ep 57


Jeju Island Race Part 1

Guest Starring: Chae Tae Hyun, Shin Se Kyung

Jeju Island

Broadcast Date 8/21/2011

Filming Date 8/15/2011

Rating ***


Who is the most frugal running man of them all? The challenges are fun, the interactions are classic.

RM Ep 58


Jeju Island Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Chae Tae Hyun, Shin Se Kyung

Jeju Island

Broadcast Date 8/28/2011

Filming Date 8/16/2011

Rating **


The wake up mission is hilarious.

RM Ep 59


Hip-Hop Special

Guest Starring: Choiza, Gaeko, Simon Dominic, Tiger Jk, Yoon Mi Rae

Old Seoul Station

Broadcast Date 9/4/2011

Filming Date 8/22/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo betrays Gary


One of my top ten. A good mixture of great guests and spies.

RM Ep 60


Fool Gary

Guest Starring: No Guests

D-Cube City

Broadcast Date 9/11/2011

Filming Date 8/29/2011

Rating *****


A huge game of 1 vs. x. I still wonder what Gary’s reaction was…

RM Ep 61


Beijing Race Part 1

Guest Starring: Kang Ji Young, Kim Ju Hyuk, Lee Yeon Hee

Beijing, China

Broadcast Date 9/18/2011

Filming Date 9/4/2011

Rating ****


The airport arrival scene is a funny contrast to what waited for the cast in Thailand. Well thought out games that take place at legendary locations around Beijing.

RM Ep 62


Beijing Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Kang Ji Young, Kim Ju Hyuk, Lee Yeon Hee

Beijing, China

Broadcast Date 9/25/2011

Filming Date 9/5/2011

Rating ****


This episode further confirmed that Ji Hyo is one of the best players on RM. Not to be missed.

RM Ep 63


Snsd Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoon, Yuri, Taeyeon


Broadcast Date 10/2/2011

Filming Date 9/19/2011

Rating ***


Running Man- Ji Hyo (she was ill) + SNSD= Great episode. I am not hating on Ji Hyo but her absence threw the male cast into their most shameless lecher behavior to date.

RM Ep 64


Snsd Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoon, Yuri, Taeyeon

Paju English Village

Broadcast Date 10/9/2011

Filming Date 9/20/2011

Rating ***


The fun with SNSD continues.

RM Ep 65


Dice Race

Guest Starring: Kim Ju Hyuk, Kim Sun Ah

Baekje Military Museum

Broadcast Date 10/23/2011

Filming Date 10/3/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


Ho hum.

RM Ep 66


Tour Of The Nation

Guest Starring: Kim Sun Ah, Song Joong Ki

Hangang Park

Broadcast Date 10/30/2011

Filming Date 10/4/2011

Rating ***


Joong Ki returns. The challenges are funny and clever. I love the final challenge- any time I can see KJK dressed up as a theme park animal is a good time indeed.

RM Ep 67


Coins And Water Guns

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin

Gungpeyong Village

Broadcast Date 11/6/2011

Filming Date 10/17/2011

Rating *


Not that good, really.

RM Ep 68


Spies Are Better In Pairs

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin

Canal Walk, Incheon

Broadcast Date 11/13/2011

Filming Date 10/18/2011

Rating **


So so. Spies are a little lacking.

RM Ep 69


Grasshopper Hunting

Guest Starring: Choi Min Soo

Incheon Culture and Arts Center

Broadcast Date 11/20/2011

Filming Date 10/31/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Monday Couple IM eachother


There is something seriously wrong with this man. He is terrifying.

RM Ep 70


Telephone Race- Stupid Ring Tone!

Guest Starring: Lee Min Ki, Park Chul Min, Son Ye Jin

KT Building

Broadcast Date 11/27/2011

Filming Date 11/14/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


Bungee jumping challenge made me scream and hide my eyes.

RM Ep 71


Queen Race

Guest Starring: Jo Hyu Ryun, Oh Yeon Su

Gyeonghui Palace, Seoul

Broadcast Date 12/4/2011

Filming Date 11/15/2011

Rating **


Some premises get old. The queen / princess race is one of those premises I am tired of.

RM Ep 72


Hong Kong In 24 Hours Part 1

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Jung

Hong Kong, China

Broadcast Date 12/11/2011

Filming Date 11/28/2011

Rating ****


Jackie Chan, what is all over your face?

RM Ep 73


Hong Kong In 24 Hours Part 2

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Jung

Hong Kong, China

Broadcast Date 12/18/2011

Filming Date 11/29/2011

Rating ***


Ji Hyo once again proves why they call her Ace.

RM Ep 74


Who Is The Best Running Man Of Them All- Super Powers Special

Guest Starring: No Guests

KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do

Broadcast Date 12/25/2011

Filming Date 12/12/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary uses his superpowers to protect Ji Hyo


The second time the Running Man cast has faced off in an epic battle royal. This episode introduces the super powers concept to hilarious effect. Love it.

RM Ep 75


Mathematics Challenge

Guest Starring: Choi Si Won, Hyorin, Minho, Sohee, Sulli

Paris Park, Seoul

Broadcast Date 1/1/2012

Filming Date 12/13/2011

Rating **


When simple math saves the day.

RM Ep 76


The Killers

Guest Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Ji Jin Hee

Yeosu City Hall

Broadcast Date 1/8/2012

Filming Date 12/26/2011

Rating **


The guests have their own fun chemistry. Funny and suspenseful.

RM Ep 77


Bingo Challenge

Guest Starring: IU, Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee

Hahwa Island

Broadcast Date 1/15/2012

Filming Date 12/27/2011

Rating *


Bingo is too convoluted.

RM Ep 78


Unify The Kingdom Race

Guest Starring: Hoo Soo Hyun, Lee Beom Soo

Lotte Mall

Broadcast Date 1/22/2012

Filming Date 1/9/2012

Rating ***


Funny challenges, good cast interaction.

RM Ep 79


Sherlock Holmes- The Weirdest RM Episode In History

Guest Starring: Kim Je Dong, Yoon Do Hyun

Club Harmony Cruise Ship, Busan

Broadcast Date 1/29/2012

Filming Date 1/10/2012

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo join forces to solve the mystery


Best editing to date. Bizarre guests, stranger over all premise. After watching this episode I wondered if the images I had just watched are the same type of thing that happens when you take a hallucinogen. Epically odd, hilarious, one of my all time favorites.

RM Ep 80


Charlie’s Angel’s Edition

Guest Starring: Go Ah Ra, Hyo Min, Im Soo Hyang

Paradise Spa Dogo

Broadcast Date 2/5/2012

Filming Date 1/16/2012

Rating **


This episode was way too spastic.

RM Ep 81


Only Gary Knows About Europe

Guest Starring: No Guests

Songdo Convensia, Incheon

Broadcast Date 2/12/2012

Filming Date 1/30/2012

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo protects Gary from the others so he can sleep


Did you really think Gary would win a relaxing trip? Ha. The PDs put Gary to work, dragging him from country to country in order to create the premise for the LOLOL’s revenge. Love it. Funny.

RM Ep 82


Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho

Shinsegae Department Story, Busan

Broadcast Date 2/19/2012

Filming Date 2/6/2012

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: The “official” end of Monday Couple- Ji Hyo’s real life relationship is revealed


Monday couple ends *sniff sniff*.

RM Ep 83


Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho

Nurimaru APEC House, Busan

Broadcast Date 2/26/2012

Filming Date 2/7/2012

Rating ***


Good cast interaction. Great gift ideas.

RM Ep 84


Big Bang Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung Ri, Tae Yang, T.O.P.

Seodaemun Museum of Natural History

Broadcast Date 3/4/2012

Filming Date 2/20/2012

Rating ***


Big Bang (one of the most popular idol groups) makes an epic appearance.

RM Ep 85


Big Bang Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung Ri, Tae Yang, T.O.P.

Cheil Industries Office, Seoul

Broadcast Date 3/11/2012

Filming Date 2/20/2012

Rating ***


Fun with Big Bang continues.

RM Ep 86


Running Man Championships

Guest Starring: Gaeko, Ha Ji Won

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 3/18/2012

Filming Date 2/21/2012

Rating ***


Running Man sports challenge. Not the best episode ever but still entertaining. Plus Ha Ji Won owned it.

RM Ep 87


First Love Race

Guest Starring: Ha Ga In

Korea Job World

Broadcast Date 3/25/2012

Filming Date 3/12/2012

Rating ***


The flash back scenes are hilarious. Clever concept. Gary and Ha-ha realizing they may be each others first love still has me laughing.

RM Ep 88


Crack The Running Man Code

Guest Starring: Boa, Jung Jae Hyung

The Shilla Jeju

Broadcast Date 4/1/2012

Filming Date 3/5/2012

Rating **


Loved the Da Vinci museum (Jae Suk- I’m an artist). Clever premise.

RM Ep 89


Alice Has Nothing On RM- Wonderland Special

Guest Starring: Boa, Jung Jae Hyung

Illchul Land, Jeju

Broadcast Date 4/8/2012

Filming Date 3/6/2012

Rating ****


Second strangest episode (after the Sherlock Holmes challenge). Julian Kang makes a guest appearance, Maknae FD is the white rabbit. The world truly is insane. Great episode.

RM Ep 90


Fishing Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Deok Hwa, Park Sang Myun, Park Jun Gyu


Broadcast Date 4/15/2012

Filming Date 4/2/2012

Rating ****


The opening is priceless. I can imagine the PDs and writers giggling to themselves as the cast looked eagerly towards the flower framed doorway, certain that an idol would make an appearance. Loved all of the chairman hair jokes, also loved the same aged friends.

RM Ep 91


Prison Break

Guest Starring: No Guests

SUNY Korea, Incheon

Broadcast Date 4/22/2012

Filming Date 4/9/2012

Rating ***


Return of Yoomes Bond.

RM Ep 92


Jjajangmyeon Race

Guest Starring: Chun Jung Myung, Park Jin Young

Somuui Island

Broadcast Date 4/29/2012

Filming Date 4/16/2012

Rating **


Entertaining. Not the greatest premise but still fun.

RM Ep 93


Running Man- Survivor Style

Guest Starring: Han Seung Yeon, Hyuna, Park Gyu Ri, Krystal, Suzy

Seoul Land

Broadcast Date 5/6/2012

Filming Date 4/23/2012

Rating **


At least they were not trapped on an island. Wait…that might be awesome.

RM Ep 94


Wedding Race

Guest Starring: Han Seung Yeon, Hyuna, Park Gyu Ri, Krystal, Suzy

Mokdong Wedding Palace

Broadcast Date 5/13/2012

Filming Date 4/24/2012

Rating ***


The cast was uber competitive during this episode. Fun, good not great.

RM Ep 95


Mission Impossible Special

Guest Starring: G.O., Lee Joon, Seung Ho, Thunder, Bora, Dasom, Hyorin, Soyu

Pantech Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 5/20/2012

Filming Date 5/7/2012

Rating ****


I cannot get enough of the opening of this episode. The places we find the cast working (as “covers” for their spy identities) are clever and had me laughing long into the first challenge.

RM Ep 96


Superpower Soccer

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Iu, Jong Tae Se

University of Incheon

Broadcast Date 5/27/2012

Filming Date 5/20/2012

Rating *****


The super power concept returns, this time featuring Park Ji Sung (who displays a natural ability for comedic timing). Awesomeness ensues.

RM Ep 97


Race To Star In The Asian Dream Cup

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Iu, Jong Tae Se

POSCO Global R / D Centre

& SCG Stadium, Thailand

Broadcast Date 6/3/2012

Filming Date 5/21/2012

Rating ****


Everyone wants to be Park Ji Sung’s new best friend and win a spot on the field during the Asian Dream Cup. The desire of the cast create hilariously competitive situations.

RM Ep 98


Zombie Race

Guest Starring: No Guests

Tesco Home Plus Academy, Incheon

Broadcast Date 6/10/2012

Filming Date 6/4/2012

Rating ***


Clever, great cast chemistry.

RM Ep 99


Conquer The Land Challenge

Guest Starring: Im Ho, Lee Tae Gon

XI Gallery

Broadcast Date 6/17/2012

Filming Date 5/8/2012

Rating *


Kings and spies. My head hurts.

RM Ep 100


If The Gods Were Running Man Challenge

Guest Starring: Kim Hee Sun

Mecenatpolis, Seoul

Broadcast Date 6/24/2012

Filming Date 6/18/2012

Rating *****


Fans are pretty divided over this episode, some look at this concept as a let down (considering this is the 100th episode) while others love it. I belong to the later category. KJK as a human facing gods is fitting, and the methods that are available to eliminate the deities are well thought out.

RM Ep 101


C.S.I. Special

Guest Starring: Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Bum Soo

Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Broadcast Date 7/1/2012

Filming Date 6/19/2012

Rating ***


Love the concept. Hate the fact it felt like it was scripted.

RM Ep 102


Running Man Vs. The Ultimate Thief

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Hyun

SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center

Broadcast Date 7/8/2012

Filming Date 6/25/2012

Rating ***


Spies. Running Man. Golden Turtles. You decide.

RM Ep 103


Princess Race

Guest Starring: No Sa Yeon, Yoo Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung

S Oil Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/15/2012

Filming Date 7/2/2012

Rating **


Again with the princess/ queen race? Tell me this is the last time?!

RM Ep 104


Running Man / Idol Olympics

Guest Starring: Eunhyuk, Ham Eun Jeong, Jung Yong Hwa, Nichkhun, Lee Joon, Si Wan, Yoon Doo Joon

Hanseong Bakeje Museum

Broadcast Date 7/22/2012

Filming Date 7/9/2012

Rating ****


Running Man celebrates the Olympics by going up against a team of young idol stars. Great chemistry among the cast as they face off against younger and stronger competition.

RM Ep 105


Vacation Spending Money Race

Guest Starring: Han Ji Min, Kim Je Dong

Aqua Planet Jeju

Broadcast Date 8/5/2012

Filming Date 7/22/2012

Rating **


So So.

RM Ep 106


The Vacation Continues

Guest Starring: Han Ji Min, Kim Je Dong

Daum Comm. Office, Jeju

Broadcast Date 8/12/2012

Filming Date 7/23/2012

Rating **


So So part 2.

RM Ep 107


The Chaser Special

Guest Starring: Gaeko, Jang Shin Young, Kim Sang Joong

Yonsei University International

Campus, Incheon

Broadcast Date 8/19/2012

Filming Date 8/13/2012

Rating **


Heavy plotting. Still fun. The beginning is hilarious if you have watched the drama.

RM Ep 108


Rom-Com Challenge

Guest Starring: Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Joon

NS Home Shopping Building

Broadcast Date 8/26/2012

Filming Date 8/14/2012

Rating ***


Maknae FD plays siblings! Take that Hong Sisters. I know you are jealous.

RM Ep 109


A Challenge For Every Season

Guest Starring: Park Tae Hwan, Son Yeon Jae

Herb Island

Broadcast Date 9/2/2012

Filming Date 8/27/2012

Rating ***


There is a lot going on here, the entertainment value is high.

RM Ep 110


Filming During A Hurricane

Guest Starring: Park Tae Hwan, Son Yeon Jae

Daejin University

Broadcast Date 9/9/2012

Filming Date 8/28/2012

Rating **


When a hurricane throws a wrench in the RM PDs plans we still end up with a funny episode of spur of the moment games. And that is why I love RM.

RM Ep 111


Busan Step Race

Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk

National Maritime Museum, Busan

Broadcast Date 9/16/2012

Filming Date 9/3/2012

Rating ***


Fun episode, great guests.

RM Ep 112


Busan Village‘s Are Scenic

Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk

Moorim P&P Paper Mill, Ulsan

Broadcast Date 9/23/2012

Filming Date 9/4/2012

Rating ***


Fun episode, great guests part 2.

RM Ep 113


Ddakji Race

Guest Starring: Jeon Mi Seon, Yeom Jeong Ah, Yu Hae Jin


Broadcast Date 9/30/2012

Filming Date 9/17/2012

Rating ****


Best ending ever. The look on the PDs faces…priceless.

RM Ep 114


X-Man Meets Running Man

Guest Starring: Moon Geun Young

Culture Park, Incheon

Broadcast Date 10/7/2012

Filming Date 10/1/2012

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary proclaims he is Ji Hyo’s “X-man”


Fun melding of Running Man and the old variety show X- Man ( Ha-ha, KJK, and Jae Suk starred on the program).

RM Ep 115


Incheon Bells Race

Guest Starring: Moon Geun Young, Max Chang-Min, U-Know, Yun-Ho

Coast Guard Main Station, Incheon

Broadcast Date 10/14/2012

Filming Date 10/2/2012

Rating ***


Love the return to the bells hide and seek game that was featured in many early RM episodes.

RM Ep 116


Psychic Challenge

Guest Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang Ui, Suzy, Yubin

Suncheon Open Set

Broadcast Date 10/21/2012

Filming Date 10/8/2012

Rating **


Very confusing premise. While the idea was interesting the execution was terrible.

RM Ep 117


Riddle Race

Guest Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang Ui, Suzy, Yubin

Asian Culture Complex

Broadcast Date 10/28/2012

Filming Date 10/9/2012

Rating ***


Up to the last ten minutes I was scratching my head at a complete loss for the answer to the riddle. Watch this episode if you want to see just how clever the RM cast are.

RM Ep 118


Running Man Hunting

Guest Starring: Choi Min Soo

Jungnang Camp Ground

Broadcast Date 11/4/2012

Filming Date 10/22/2012

Rating ****


He is back again. Night terrors start here.

RM Ep 119


Superpowers Baseball

Guest Starring: Choo Shin Soo, Jin Se Yeon, Ryu Hyun Jin

Gongrung Youth Baseball Park, Seoul

Broadcast Date 11/11/2012

Filming Date 10/29/2012

Rating ***


Superpowers return! As usual, hilarious use of special powers.


RM Ep 120

007 Water Gun Special

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Park Shin Hye

Poeun Art Hall

Broadcast Date 11/18/2012

Filming Date 11/12/2012

Rating ***


Lee Seung Gi, how I love you.

RM Ep 121


007 Internal Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Park Shin Hye

SBS Prism Tower

Broadcast Date 11/25/2012

Filming Date 11/13/2012

Rating **


Lee Seung Gi, how they should listen to you.

RM Ep 122


Kpop Legends / 80s&90s Race

Guest Starring: Goo Hara, Kang Susie, Kim Wan Sun, Park Nam Jung, Kim Tae Hyung, Jung Won Gwan, Lee Sang Won


Broadcast Date 12/2/2012

Filming Date 11/19/2012

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is called Ji Hyo’s boyfriend during the introduction


Fun use of original kpop idols. Big nose hyung and Jae Suk were in their element. I also loved that KJK was on the idol team.

RM Ep 123


Kimchi Challenge

Guest Starring: Go Soo, Han Hyo Joo

Song Cham Bong Joseon Cultural Village

Broadcast Date 12/9/2012

Filming Date 11/26/2012

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary logs out from Ji Hyo


Marriage has really changed Ha-ha. I am undecided if it is for the better.

RM Ep 124


King Of Running Man

Guest Starring: Go Soon, Han Hyo Joo

Jeonju University

Broadcast Date 12/16/2012

Filming Date 11/27/2012

Rating ****


Kwang Soo as a king- greatest thing ever.

RM Ep 125


Santa Clause Special

Guest Starring: Jung Hyung Don, Juvie Train, Ryu Dam, Shin Dong, Park Sang Myun

Konjiam Resort

Broadcast Date 12/23/2012

Filming Date 12/10/2012

Rating **


The first challenge was extremely spastic. The eating challenge was creative. Overall a so-so episode.


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