Goat Flowers Huh…or Life Lessons from Arang and the Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate-how I will miss you. A well executed fusion that brought great characters and good writing to a fulfilling conclusion is something that will be hard to let go. And the magistrate was very nice to look at. Very nice.

As I choke back my sobs of drama-end-sorrow I think it is time to remember some of the wonderful lessons that Arang and the Magistrate taught us….

1. In heaven flowers can grow on goats

My first reaction at the goat garden was- ‘what the what what’? Then ‘you use this in tea’? Then ‘you reincarnate reapers as these things’? Then I just gave up trying to understand.

Life lesson: Heaven is a mysterious place. A mysterious place with a lot of flowers, some of which grow on livestock. Don’t try to figure it out, just accept it.

2. The Jade Emperor is hot

I may have a slight crush on the Jade Emperor. Well, had a slight crush. Then I found out the actor that plays him is most certainly my dongsaeng by several years. Life is cruel!

Life lesson: If I was Hades I would bet on the Jade Emperor’s body too. Seriously, that old fogey must work out (or goat back flower tea is really good for your figure and complexion).

3. Shamanism is best learned from a book

This had me laughing more times than I can count. The “well I can see ghosts but you learned it from a book” logic made me imagine Bang Wool had a print off online certificate of shamanism hiding in her 8th grandmother’s tome.

Life lesson: If you are born with supernatural sight, good for you. Just never go against that person that is self taught- they will wipe the floor with their grandmother’s books and bad ass shamanistic knowledge. Reading is good!


4. Joseon’s had the best laundry detergent.

Really. Blood stains are gone like that. And in this drama there was a new blood stain every episode. I want to know what they were using….was it Tide?

Life lesson: Spend some time in Korea investigating Joseon detergent recipes. Then create a laundry detergent company. You will become rich. Just remember to send Lore in Stone Cities a finder’s fee.


5. Fairies are scary.

I used to hear the word fairy and think of adorable flying cuteness. Now I think of scary body swapping.

Life lesson: Never trust a fairy. Next time I visit Disneyland I will run at the sight of Tinkerbelle. I know what she is up to …all of her buzzing around- a complete and total shield for her true intentions. Tink is out to steal your body and entrap your soul. Be warned.


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