Miss Understanding and Mr. Neptune…or Life Lessons from the Korean Drama Love and Marriage

Love and marriage. Oh…what a sweet, sweet show you are. You happened to fit in perfectly with my viewing schedule, a nice and light romantic comedy to break up the melodrama that I have been recently bombarding myself with. (Note- in no way did Kim Ji Hoon influence my opinion of this drama. I swear- I watched it for Kim Min-hee. Oh- who am I kidding! Man he has nice eyes *sigh*)

For a show without villains, or much drama, there are some surprising things to be learned. Like what kind of compensation you should ask for, or how divorce is bad or good, or maybe bad depending on the episode. Henceforth are important life lessons I learned from watching the candy coated sweet Love and Marriage….

1. The greatest business model ever.

If you are in the midst of a divorce, think to yourself “Is there anyway I could take my soon to be exes business success and profit from it?” Divorce is painful, less so when you can piggyback on your spouses successful business.

Life lesson: When love is broken and your marriage is coming to an end, come up with a business plan. Sometimes life hurts, but it will hurt less if you are able to open your very own _____ store to spite your ex!

2. Divorce is good. Sometimes it is bad. Then it is good. Why am I so confused!

Parents divorce= bad. Friends divorce= sometimes good. Your current boyfriend being divorced= who cares! Man does he have nice eyes.

Life lesson: Divorce and its implications should be viewed on a case by case basis. Never attach social stigma to divorcees. Hell, you have no idea if it is good or bad. The bottom line is they are them and it happened. And some of them have nice eyes.

3.Matchmaking looks sooooo easy

Apparently you only need to know what type of guy or girl the person is looking for, listen to other people’s small talk enough, and viola! You just arranged a life long connection.

Life lesson: E- Harmony is a rip off. Match making is super simple. Even a cave man could do it.

4. Whatever happened to that Cash King guy?

It seemed like we were in for a treat….but then he disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

Life lesson: The psychotic millionaires in your life can disappear in a moments notice. Make sure you get their email address and keep in touch.

5. When the biggest problem in your relationship is if you can take another two week break, K-drama villains everywhere are rolling in their graves (or straitjackets, or evil lairs, or offices. You get the picture).

Love and Marriage had 0 villains. Not one. Everyone was essentially their own worst enemy at times.

Life lesson: While it is refreshing to see a show without a true villain, this show only made me miss the likes of John Mayer and Momma Kang more than I thought possible. Sometimes I guess you do need time apart to realize how much someone means to you. I miss you Momma Kang!

Bonus life lesson: Man… he has nice eyes. I promise. I am done now. I know this was not even a lesson. It is a truth. A universal truth. – Fan-girl me signing off


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