The Distractors’ Cut: Bad Guys 3-4

Part 2… Enjoy!!!



Bad Guys is shaping up to be the type of drama that not only holds a few things back but grapples cases that may not be “ripped from the headlines,” yet never get old or worth the exploration. It opened with an illusive serial killer, (who wasn’t as guilty as expected) and stepped into a ring of organ traffickers, culminating in a lucrative trafficking business run by a convicted pimpstress.

Human trafficking is very real and formidable, and here, was treated as the well-known minacious practice it is, without abating or distending —though perhaps, milking a teachable opportunity for the rehabilitation of our boys. The thing that keeps me loving this drama is my supreme addiction to “bad men,” for they always fascinate and attract me. Men that aren’t reckless or unruly boys, with hot tempers and rebellious dispositions, but grown men, conscious and culpable of their actions, who have…

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